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                              Cardiovascular Technology



    I am a recently divorced single mother of three who is returning to school in order to better the future of myself and my family. Upon returning to school I began to research career paths trying to figure out which route fit the best for me. The medical field is ever expanding. Despite the hard hits to the economy, jobs involved with medical aspects remain in demand.

At first, I had intended to apply to every medical program available at my current school, Santa Fe College, in order to be the most efficient. I needed to find a career and get through school so I could take care of my family.   

    Then something changed. Before I could turn in my application for the Cardiovascular Technology program I had to attend and observe a cardiac catheterization at a hospital. I arrived at Shands Hospital for my viewing and instantly fell in love. I was fascinated with the procedures I saw. I went home and started watching medical videos of more cardiac procedures on the web. This was the first time I had really had an interest in a specific career. I had found my nitch and I was instantly in love!   

    Schooling for Cardiovascular Technology is typically a 2-year program, followed by state certification. During coursework a student chooses to specialize in invasive or non-invasive procedures. I intend to specialize in invasive procedures.    

    CVTs who specialize in invasive procedures assist with cardiac catheterizations,  angioplasties and sometimes even assist in open heart surgeries. People skills and the ability to think on my feet are extremely important in this area. Observational skills and patience is also a definite quality to have on hand. This track can be extremely demanding, but I am up to the challenge.   

    Thankfully most procedures are scheduled during normal business hours, which is very important to me since I need to also be there for my children. The average starting salary for CVTs is around 32k to 40k and I have found the job to be in demand at many of my areas local hospitals. In my research I have found wanted ads at Shands, North Central Florida, Jacksonville and Hollywood Memorial Hospitals. I intend to stick with this career path for the rest of my working life, and I am so thankful to have found a career path that I am excited about and that I am proud to declare to others.









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